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Wife of John L.

Wife of John L.

(Apartment 1937)

Grandma’s apartment was pea sized or as some might say, she didn’t have room to “cuss a cat.”

Mrs. Artie Brooks, her landlady, lived in the rear of the close-to-the-sidewalk brick bungalow.  Grandma’s quarters were a part of what used to be “Mrs. Brook’s Variety Store,”  the little store where Edith and I had so much fun buying 5 and 10 cent Christmas presents for family members.

As I remember, there was a combination living room/kitchen, a pint sized bedroom and a bathroom. With certainty, there was no room for the glassed china cabinet, the leather couch or her other “pretties.”

She was in walking distance to the First Baptist Church, stores and the beauty shop.  I thought the location would be just dandy for a quick stop off on our way home from school.  Mama said not to bother Grandma, we’d best high-tail it home.

Grandma never set foot on our land.  She was getting up in years but Mama said that wasn’t the reason she didn’t visit.  “Grandma manages to go where she pleases, when she has a mind to it.”  Mama said.  The reason she stayed away from us was that she feared she might carry home a bed bug.   (more…)


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