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If Mama Sang: Why?

Several years before my mother left us* she wrote a biographical, anecdotal book about memories of her early life in Piedmont, Missouri as well as  a tribute to her mother, Edith Hackworth .. hence the title “If Mama Sang”.  The title came from a quote from the book:  “If Mama sang because she was happy, or if she sang to revive her spirits, I don’t know, but her out-of-tune songs sometimes came from the garden where she was pulling weeds or from the kitchen as she bent over the washboard.”  My mother further stated:  “This woman, our Mama, had more guts, gumption and grit than can be told, and the strength she transferred to us would, in small portions, be handed down through the generations.”

*euphemism for “died”

I’ve created a companion website for the book to enhance our family communication but open to an ever-increasing, genealogy-seeking larger extended family.

This blog will eventually be a repository for family recipes, photographs, and tributes to those who have gone before us — an archive, an attic, a shoebox full of memories.


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If Mama Sang

Practicing for real life.

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